The UU Network of Houston is comprised of the UU Congregations and Fellowships in the Greater Houston Area. Representatives from each congregation meet monthly to share ideas and work together to promote communications between member congregations and to collaborate on the accomplishment of mutually beneficial tasks in support of UU Values in the Greater Houston-Galveston Area.

Unitarian Universalist Logo We promote communication between and among network member congregations.

Unitarian Universalist Logo We work in mutual supportive ways with the UUA Southern Region

Unitarian Universalist Logo We organize and sponsor an annual workshop or seminar, in various formats, to promote sharing ideas for mutual enhancement.

Unitarian Universalist Logo We sponsor an annual spring music festival for all Houston UUs and Friends.

Unitarian Universalist Logo The Network provides scholarship assistance for members of network congregations to attend Leadership School.

Unitarian Universalist Logo Provide financial assistance for the first time attendees to the UUA General Assembly.


The UU Network meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 7 p.m. If you have an idea to share with the Houston Area UU community please pass it on to your congregational network representative for the UU Network or to our Secretary Mark Holt or our President Ron Hammons. Additionally, if you would to be a guest or make a presentation at our monthly meeting please contact them.

Mark Holt 281.782.7313

Ron Hammons 713.828.8268