Why Rev. Chuck Joined An 8 Hour Sit -In At Gov. Abbott’s Office And Was Arrested

Why Rev. Chuck Joined An 8 Hour Sit -In At Gov. Abbott’s Office And Was Arrested

Texas UUs,

Why did I join in with hundreds of activists yesterday for a sit- in occupation of Gov. Abbott’s office?  Why did I participate in shutting this space down by blocking the doors?  Why was I one of 18 committed souls arrested for criminal trespass including TXUUJM Board member Jenny Hixon of 1st UU San Antonio?

What I did is not heroic or particularly laudatory.  I sacrificed little. Actions like this are the least I can do.  I’m very grateful for your support and that of our UU Service Committee from moral to financial that allows TXUUJM to do our essential faith work in the public square.

I am very clear that I am one of the most privileged people on the planet and most UUs share the same status.

I intend to use my privilege to expand the inalienable rights of my fellow human beings who are my neighbors regardless of artificial borders.

I intend to follow the leadership and guidance of the immigrant community who are under indecent siege and unconstitutional attack.

I intend to merge into the committed, clear, organized youth leading this liberation movement.

Early on in his sacred activism Gandhi realized that signing petitions and participating in the established systems wasn’t going to cut it in the struggle for liberation.

He came to the awareness that if we are not willing to put our bodies on the line we will never achieve our God given dignity and freedom.

It is vital that we as people of privilege are willing to put our bodies on the line.  No oppressed people have ever secured their rights without this sacred community covenant. 

Now is the time.  Today is the day.


Rev. Chuck Freeman

Texas UU Justice Ministry

PO Box 170064
Austin, TX 78717

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Executive Director: Rev. Chuck Freeman