The UUV4J Unitarian Universalist Voice for Justice of Greater Houston is a network of Unitarian Universalist clergy and laypeople from Houston-area congregations who want others to know of our long-standing and unique liberal religious voice. We stand clearly for LGBTQ inclusion, women’s health, and the freedom of religious communities to worship in peace in their own tradition without condemnation or abuse.

This is where you will find details of any UUV4J Actions that are called by our Leadership Team. When an action is called, we will post a description of the incident, why UUV4J participants should gather, and then specific details of where to park, where to gather, and what to bring. When something happens in the greater Houston area that is an act of injustice covered by one of our three action areas, and if we feel an action is both appropriate and effective in response, we will call the network into action.